Our mission is to provide simple yet different clothing options for kids with an emphasis on practicality. We want kids to be excited about the colours and prints they wear.

At Tiny Creatures we believe we create heirloom pieces that any child would love to pass down to their siblings, cousins or friends.



Every product made at Tiny Creatures is reversible and a one-off, which means your tiny person will have an individual look to match their individual personality.

Tiny Creatures was founded by Dale Braganza. After completing her Bachelors Degree in Design & Fashion, Dale worked in the fashion and textile industries in Australia and New Zealand. With her extensive knowledge from design to production, quality is her craft.

After noticing a lack of ethical and diverse clothing options for children’s wear and finding the market saturated with fast fashion, Dale wanted to bring the emphasis back to quality handmade clothing for children.


Why choose Tiny Creatures

At Tiny Creatures we only use ethical labour practices and all our garments and items are produced in our studio in Melbourne.

Each garment/item is carefully handmade, ensuring the highest level of quality. We are extremely proud of what we create, we basically have a little happy dance every time we finish one of our creations.

Tiny Creatures offers simple clothing options with prints that children will love and get excited about. We offer a choice of fun print combinations and all our garments are reversible outfits.

We’re actively reducing waste by trying to use offcuts from local textile companies and vendors, and sourcing vintage materials to give them a second or third life. We also try to use every part of the fabric including things like turning offcuts into bibs (and soon to come – headbands and bowties) as well as sourcing organic materials whenever possible.

When you buy from Tiny Creatures, you know that you’re supporting a local tiny business that produces ethically conscious children’s clothing.


Why reversible?

Reversible garments are practical for parents and children, not only are they economical (you’re literally getting two handmade outfits for the price of one) but when you have a tiny spill on an outfit, it doesn’t have to stay there for the rest of the day – just turn it inside out!

A garment which can be worn multiple ways has the added benefits of: saving room in your wardrobe; being good for the environment (by reducing your laundry loads and less waste to landfill); and best of all wallet friendly.


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